From skillset to mindset

What if the problem isn’t what the leader knows but who the leader is?

There are some emerging trends in leadership development that we are witnessing currently – many of which I have personally experienced myself. The world is now more complex, volatile and unpredictable with few boundaries. To be effective, leaders must be equal or superior to the complexity of the environment in which they operate.

The problem is that the leader’s head is full: they’ve potentially heard it all before, they already know all about it, but they just can’t be it. So, there’s no point in sending them on courses they don’t want to attend – courses that simply attempt to add more tips, tricks, techniques, frameworks, models, etc., ad nauseum to the leaders “back pack” of experience.
Maybe you recognise this in yourself? Beyond the 9-5 grind, still striving for a work/life balance, not needing to prove yourself to anyone… Maybe you feel that there is something missing, something more that you need? Maybe your organisation has suggested you spend more time investing in yourself?

IBM study reveals leads feel “in over their heads”

A recent IBM study of 1,500 senior executives found that they were feeling “in over their heads”. Their number one concern was the inability of their organisations to cope with complexity.

From skillset to mindset

We now see that leaders trying to navigate their way through life, in fact, need greater capacity to achieve their goals, not just more competencies.
Importantly, we’ve discovered that beyond competencies and skillset is mindset.
Unless you are aware of the contents of your own mind, i.e., your own mindset, the way you think and feel about yourself and others, and how you see the world, you’ll hit the ceiling!
Skillset to mindset – that’s the transformation! It turns out you can grow your mind – and the truth is that the mind has to grow in order to hold new concepts.