For Business Leaders

The complexity and speed of transformation today requires a new generation of business leader. Our CEO and Executive one-to-one coaching helps you unlock a new mindset. Changing the way you think, improving your relationships and igniting growth.

For Leadership Teams

The success of an organisation often depends on its senior executive team and the ways in which they work together. Lead Team Development brings a group of individuals together and creates an energised high performing executive team.

For Purposeful Businesses

A strong culture & values system empowers your team to become leaders at every level of your business. Our workshops empower your team members to take responsibility and move your business forward from all levels.

Radical Candor™

Radical Candor™ is a unique approach to empowering you to have stronger conversations with all the people you lead, to ultimately create breakthrough results. Radical Candor™ really just means saying what you think, while also giving a damn about the person you’re saying it to.

The World's Leading Developmental Coaching Tool

After years of working with some of New Zealand & Australia’s Top Leaders, we know they all want one thing – actionable intelligence that delivers measurable results. Mindset 28 is the culmination of years of experience.

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Nick Wells
Chief Executive Partner, Chapman Tripp

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Every business is different & we start by understanding who you are as a business and what you are looking to achieve. Are you ready to create change?